Speeches at Schools about making a difference

by David
Created Mar 07, 2024 | Prague, CZ
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Hello everyone.
David here.. the crazy Czech runner who has run from Prague to London, biked from Prague to Morocco, ran across Jordan mostly for safe drinking water. Because of the pandemic, I lost all my jobs (I worked as a tourguide and speaker to international groups coming to Prague). I've been trying to find other work, which I actually got, but just before I could sign the contract all the stores had to shut down and I was put on hold with no pay ..this was in late December. It's now been over a year without any steady income.. I'm trying to stay positive and creative, but yes, it's been quite stressfful. One bright thing is that I was able to get funding from my alma mater to do speeches to high schools about my charitable journeys and making a difference. I was able to make ends meet with this for a few months, but this arrangement is ending soon, and I am without income again.
Doing these speeches to high schools has been really rewarding for both the high schools and myself. I finally feel like I am making a positive difference in the world. I am doing this crowdsourcing effort to be able to do additional 20 speeches and to pay for our mortgage and living expenses for 2 more months.
I really appreciate your support and let you all stay healthy!
-David and family
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